New Supplier Directory for Oxfordshire


New Supplier Directory for Oxfordshire

20 Feb 2023

We know that eating more seasonally, and locally, and reducing our meat consumption can help to lower the impact of food on our environment.  We also know that despite the wide range of primary and secondary producers across Oxfordshire, a measly 1% of Oxford’s food is locally sourced.

To help improve connections and collaborations across the local supply chain and to help bolster a local food economy, Good Food Oxfordshire have published a new Local Supplier Directory for Oxfordshire, which includes local producers of fruit and veg, meat, dairy and eggs, bread, store cupboard staples such as flour and conserves, pickles and honey.

Local Supplier Directory

We intend that this directory will be the first step in helping individuals, retailers, restaurants and procurement and catering teams to see what is on offer locally, to encourage buyers, from small to large scale, to source more of their ingredients from local and sustainable producers.

This directory is made up of GFO Network Members, alongside members of local directories who are championing local and sustainable food. These include Independent Oxford, Bitten Oxford, BigBarn and Low Carbon Oxford North.

This is a growing directory and we are keen to hear from you about any local producers who should be added.

With thanks to GFO intern Georgia Cooper for her work on compiling the Supplier Directory.


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