Carbon Cost of Food Week


Carbon Cost of Food Week

23 Jan 2024

Cherwell Collective is running the second annual Carbon Cost of Food Week from 24 to 31 January. The aim is to help people understand that what we consume has an environmental impact, and that learning about the carbon footprint of your food can help you to choose more sustainable choices.

One way to do this is to use a metric called car mile equivalents to make the Carbon Cost of food more understandable. It’s a way of measuring the emissions of our consumer choices by the equivalent emissions produced by driving an ordinary UK petrol car.

Eat at one of the partners who will be offering a carbon costed menu!

Lady Margaret Hall – Oxford University

Oxford Brookes University

Damascus Rose Kitchen – 40 George Street, Oxford

Try it at home!

Cherwell Collective have developed a way for you to participate on your own with the Carbon Cost Challenge by adding up the Carbon Cost of one meal/snack.  Sign up and take part here.

Join the challenge in-person!

Join Cherwell Collective at Damascus Rose for a brunch on Saturday, 27th January, 10-12pm. 

At the event you can:

Sample tasty food by Damascus Rose Kitchen, choosing off a Carbon Costed menu

Participate in person in our Carbon Cost of Food Challenge

Learn about the Carbon Cost of Food and ways to take action

You can also bring an unwanted gift and swap it for something new!  If you don’t have anything to swap, you can come and shop the swap for a donation of £4.


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